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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iArt?Open
iArt is a curated collection of gallery exhibits that provides access to the best art on display anywhere in the world. Each gallery in our collection has been invited to participate in the collection because of their established reputation as a leading vision in their field. Our mission is to provide a single source for viewing top-quality art without interfering with the way each gallery does business.
How much does iArt cost?Open
iArt is absolutely free to use. You can visit as many shows as you'd like without any expense. It is free to walk into a gallery so we believe it should also be free to see the show virtually.
How do you chose the featured exhibit?Open
Our members, like you, select the featured exhibit by voting on their favorite show each week.
How does voting work?Open
Each user has one vote each week. You will find the vote button on the virtual tour page for each exhibit. Votes are tallied each week on Thursday night at 11:59 PM (EST).
How can I help my favorite gallery?Open
In addition to voting for your favorite exhibit or gallery each week SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! You will find a button on the virtual tour page to share any show you would like on Facebook. You can share as many shows as you would like as often as you would like. If your favorite gallery is not in our collection, reach out to them and tell them you would love to see them on iArt. Our ask is this... help us get the word out so we can bring you as much great content as possible.
Can I buy art through iArt?Open
No. Our only purpose is to showcase amazing art to as many people as possible. However, each exhibit page has contact information so you can reach out to the gallery directly. We thank you in advance for telling them you saw the show on iArt.
What do you do with my data?Open
We do not sell your data to anyone, ever. We use minimal information to identify each user so we can keep track of your weekly vote. Additionally, we provide general statistical information to each gallery to assist in their individual marketing initiatives.
Am I missing something? What's the catch?Open
Really, there is no catch. Honest. We passionately believe in art and technology. We know that each gallery is a small business built through years of hard work and passion, continuously working to keep up with ever changing trends. We want to be the solution so they can concentrate on what they love to do... curating exhibits and sharing their vision.

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